Do come and play at one of the most active and generally successful chess clubs in Kent!

We meet Wednesday evenings in Meeting Room 1 from 19:30hrs at the Maidstone Leisure Centre (Mote Park, Willow Way, Maidstone, ME15 7RN). You will find players at every level. Every week you can meet opponents for serious games and/or quick, casual games. There are club competitions, at both normal and rapid play, running throughout the year. You can join one of the teams (we have teams in all 7 Kent league divisions (County Cup, Lewis Cup, Stevenson Cup, En Passant Cup, Harvey Cup, Tom Fuller Cup & Intro Cup) and in national events), get advice on how to improve your game, or simply kibitz and chat! Juniors are very welcome. For more information ring Bob Lane on 01795 842331 or David Heath on 01622 741758 or email David Heath at davidheath11@talktalk.net or simply come along on any Wednesday evening. (Please note - when using the "How to find us" link on the right - that the entrance to the Leisure Centre is off the double roundabout in Willow Way opposite Upper Road).

A large car park is available, which is free of charge to all customers of Maidstone Leisure Centre, but note that users will need to register their car on a console to park for longer than 3 hours.

Len Hammond Memorial Match 2017

This friendly ungraded event is played annually between Snodland and Maidstone (with alternating venues), in memory of Len Hammond who was a well liked member of both clubs, playing for the Memorial Shield.

This years' event is to be held on Wednesday 20 September 2017 @ Maidstone (starting @ 19:45hrs and played over 6 boards).

AGM 2017

The Annual General Meeting was held on Wednesday 6 September 2017. Following the Treasurer's report (by Bob Lane), it was agreed that following an anonymous donation, there will be no change in the membership fees; consequently the fees will have remained unchanged since 2009! Having listened to the Match Captain's report, Tournament Controller's report and the Secretary's report (all David Heath), the presentation by the Club President (David Munford) of the trophies, shields and cups commenced: 

The Reynolds Cup (not present) was awarded jointly to Ian Clark and Cristian Ilinca (Ian amassed 15½ points points playing for the Club on 28 occasions, and Cristian amassed 13 points playing for the Club on 19 occasions).

The Stanford Cup (Club Championship) was won by David Heath with 7 points.

The Reed Memorial Shield ('B' player) was won by Peter Dirmauskas (not present) with 3½ points.

The Players Trophy was won by Barry Beavis with 4½ points.  

The Players Trophy Qualifier (not present) was jointly won by Peter Dirmauskas (not present) and Douglas Smith with 2½ points.

The Xmas Lightning Tournament was not contested. The Easter Lightning Tournament was jointly won by Peter Dirmauskas (not present), Cristian Ilinca and Bob Lane scoring 4/5.   

The Rapidplay Tournament was won by David Heath with 9 points.  

The Time Handicap Tournament was won by Bob Lane with 7 points.

The Blitz Tournament was jointly won by Barry Beavis and Peter Dirmauskas (not present) with 8 points.
The Len Hammond Memorial Shield was won by Maidstone and captained by Bob Lane.   

Thanet Chess Congress

The 48th Thanet Chess Congress was held at Canterbury Christ Church University, Broadstairs Campus, Northwood Road, Broadstairs, Kent CT10 2WA from Friday 18 August to Sunday 20 August 2017, and was a 5 round event.

Playing in the 'Open', we had Cristian Ilinca (172), in the 'Major', we had David Heath (143), in the 'Intermediate', we had Peter Dirmauskas (118), and in the 'Minor', we had Nigel Osina (91.



1st - IM Alan Merry with 4 points
2nd - Richard Bates with 3½ points.
3rd= Benjamin Spink and Martin Taylor with 3 points.

Martin Taylor is the Kent Open Champion.
9th= Cristian Ilinca scored 2 points.

1st - John Atherton with 4½ points.
John Atherton is the Kent Challengers Champion.

1st= David Heath and Peter McGill with 4 points.
David Heath and Peter McGill are joint Kent Major Champions.

1st= Paul Arnold and Peter Dirmauskas with 4 points.

Paul Arnold is the Kent Intermediate Champion.

1st - Anthony Holdstock with 4½ points.
Anthony Holdstock is the Kent Minor Champion.
9th= Nigel Osina with 3 points.

Kent Summer Quickplay 2017

We entered 2 teams in the Kent Summer Quickplay.

Each is made up of a four person team, and during the course of the evening each player plays all four of the oppositions players. Each of the games are for 30 minutes duration with time being allocated on a handicap basis.

Maidstone 1 (team captain David Heath) are in group "A" along with Medway, Rainham, Sevenoaks and Swale.

 Maidstone 1 results:

  • On Monday 26 June 2017 we played an away match v Sevenoaks, drawing 8-8. Individual results (out of 4) Bob Lane 1½, David Heath 2½, Robert Cox 1, Dean Patience 3.
  • On Wednesday 5 July 2017 we played a home match v Swale, drawing 8-8. Individual results (out of 4) Ian Clark 1½, Peter Dirmauskas 2, Nigel Osina 3, Robert Cox 1½.
  • On Monday 17 July 2017 we played an away match v Medway, winning 4-12. Individual results (out of 4) David Heath 3½, Ian Clark 2, Peter Dirmauskas 4, Robert Cox 2½.
  • On Wednesday 16 August 2017 we played a home match v Rainham, losing 2-14. Individual results (out of 4) Ian Clark 0, Peter Dirmauskas 1½, Robert Cox 0, Rebecca Rutter ½.
Maidstone 2 (team captain Bob Lane) are in group "B" along with Eynsford, Hastings, Folkestone, and Tunbridge Wells.

Maidstone 2 results:
  • On Wednesday 28 June 2017 we played a home match v Tunbridge Wells, winning 9-7. Individual results (out of 4) David Munford 2½, George Hollands 2, Bob Lane 1½, Barry Beavis 3.
  • On Friday 7 July 2017 we played an away match v Eynsford, winning 4-12. Individual results (out of 4) Bob Lane 3, David Heath 3, Barry Beavis 2, Peter Dirmauskas 4.
  • On Wednesday 12 July 2017 we played a home match v Folkestone losing 6-10. Individual results (out of 4) David Munford 2½, George Hollands 1, David Heath 1, Barry Beavis 1½.
  • On Saturday 12 August 2017 we played an away match v Hastings, losing 11-5. Individual results (out of 4) Bob Lane 1, David Heath 1, Peter Dirmauskas 2, Robert Cox 1.
Consequently neither team therefore made it to the semi-finals.

British Chess Championships 2017

This event was held at Venue Cymru, The Promenade, Llandundno, Wales. The Championships were from Friday 28 July to Sunday 6 August 2017, and was a 9 round event (102 contestants).

Whilst we don't have anybody from the Club playing the 'Championships', we do have one competitor in the '50+ Seniors Championship', namely Cliff Chandler (203). This was a 7 round event starting on Sunday 30 July and ending on Saturday 5 August (33 contestants).


The Championships

There was a 4-tie for 1st place with GM David Howell, GM Gawain Jones, GM Luke McShane and IM Craig Hanley all scoring 7/9. GM Gawain Jones is this year’s British Chess Champion, beating GM Luke McShane in the final of the playoffs.

50+ Seniors Championship

30 July    - Round 1 Cliff (B) beat David Tucker (184)
31 July    - Round 2 Cliff (W) drew with Peter Smith (183)
1 August - Round 3 Cliff (B) beat Gareth Morris (183)
2 August - Round 4 Cliff (W) drew with IM Paul Littlewood (205)
3 August - Round 5 Cliff (B) drew with Andrew Lewis (211)
4 August - Round 6 Cliff (B) drew with Phil Brooks (202)
5 August - Round 7 Cliff (W) beat Terry Chapman (211)

GM John Nunn  (243) won with a score of 6/7. Cliff ended with 5/7 finishing 2nd=, together with Phil Brooks and Andrew Lewis.


Lastly Chris Howell (169), a former member scored 4/5, finishing 2nd=.

New Grades (July 2017)

The July 2017 list has just been published, based on results up to 30 June 2017.

Notable improvers are:

+19 Cristian Ilinca (172)
+12 Peter Dirmauskas (118)
+9 Robert Cox (74)
+9 Chris Wise (89)

+7 Martyn Ellis (19)

For full details of Maidstone players see 'ECF Grading Database' and enter MAIDSTONE.

Players Trophy 2016/17 - Rounds 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5

Round 1 was played on Wednesday 19 October 2016. Results as follows:  

David Heath 1 0 Cliff Chandler
David Munford ½ ½ Ian Clark
Douglas Smith ½ ½ George Hollands
Bob Lane 0 1 Peter Dirmauskas
Chris Wise 0 1 Cristian Ilinca
Saba Mustapha 1 0 Rebecca Rutter
Robert Cox 0 1 Barry Beavis
Dean Patience Bye

Round 2 was played on Wednesday 7 December 2016. Results as follows:

Peter Dirmauskas ½ ½ David Heath
Cristian Ilinca 1 Def Saba Mustapha
Barry Beavis 1 0 Dean Patience
George Hollands ½ ½ David Munford
Ian Clark 1 0 Douglas Smith
Cliff Chandler 1 0 Bob Lane
Rebecca Rutter 1 0 Chris Wise
Robert Cox 1 0 Nigel Osina

Round 3 was played on Wednesday 5 April 2017. Results as follows:

Barry Beavis ½ ½ Cristian Ilinca
David Heath ½ ½ Ian Clark
David Munford 1 0 Peter Dirmauskas
George Hollands 0 1 Cliff Chandler
Dean Patience 0 1 Rebecca Rutter
Saba Mustapha Def 1 Robert Cox
Douglas Smith 0 1 Bob Lane
Nigel Osina 0 1 Chris Wise

Round 4 to be played on Wednesday 10 May 2017. Results as follows:

Cristian Ilinca 1 0 David Munford
Barry Beavis 1 0 David Heath
Ian Clark 0 1 Cliff Chandler
Peter Dirmauskas 1 0 Robert Cox
Rebecca Rutter 0 1 George Hollands
Bob Lane 1 0 Dean Patience
Chris Wise 0 1 Douglas Smith
Nigel Osina Bye

Round 5 was played on Wednesday 31 May 2017. Results to date:
Cliff Chandler 1 0 Cristian Ilinca
Peter Dirmauskas 0 1 Barry Beavis
David Munford 1 0 Rebecca Rutter
David Heath 1 0 Bob Lane
George Hollands 0 1 Ian Clark
Robert Cox 0 1 Douglas Smith
Dean Patience 0 1 Nigel Osina
Chris Wise Bye

  • Players - Barry Beavis with 4½ points
  • Qualifiers - Peter Dirmauskas and Douglas Smith with 2½ points